The following table summarizes the projects funded by the Clean Water Fund. A more detailed description for each project is available using the project title links.

Active Projects

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager
Adjusting corn nitrogen rates using a preplant nitrate test to reduce potential for N loss in South-Central and Southeastern Minnesota Dan Kaiser and Fabian Fernandez - University of Minnesota 258,000 Aicam Laacouri
Evaluation of four irrigation scheduling methods and their impact on corn production and nitrate leaching in the Central Sands region Vasudha Sharma - University of Minnesota Extension 124,005 Jeppe Kjaersgaard
The Minnesota Cover Crop Guide Anna Cates - University of Minnesota Extension 111,709 Aicam Laacouri
Real-time crop sensing and modeling for improved water quality David Mulla - University of Minnesota 100,000 Aicam Laacouri
Cover crop effectiveness in a series of farm BMPs, 2012-2019 Christian Lenhart - University of Minnesota 64,286 Aicam Laacouri
Integrated landscape management for agricultural production and water quality Jeffrey Strock - Southwest Research & Outreach Center 365,780 Heather Johnson
Improved design, performance, and implementation of saturated buffers Gary R. Sands - University of Minnesota 190,923 Heather Johnson
The Cover Crops, Water, and Nitrogen Nexus: How do they impact corn and soybean production and the environment? Axel Garcia y Garcia and Jeff Strock - Southwest Research and Outreach Center 450,223 Heather Johnson

Completed Projects - Cover Crops, Perennials, or Vegetative Cover

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager 
Dual-purpose cover crops and onsite retention of water and nutrients Frank Forcella - University of Minnesota 266,156 Luke Stuewe
Improvement of field pennycress germplasm for use as a winter annual cover and oilseed crop James Anderson - University of Minnesota 215,930 Jeff Berg
Water quality enhancements in corn cropping systems through optimization of cover crop establishment technologies M. Scott Wells - University of Minnesota 243,910 Heidi Peterson
Optimizing establishment of corn in cover crops and living mulches to maintain yield while reducing nitrate losses Julie Grossman - University of Minnesota 232,244 Heidi Peterson
Winter Rye Best Management Practices to Reduce Loads of Sediment and Nutrient to Minnesota Surface Waters Multiple Researchers - University of Minnesota 249,008 Bob Patton and Mark Zumwinkle

Completed Projects - Phosphorus, Nitrogen, or Sediment

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager
Measuring and modeling watershed phosphorus loss and transport for improved management of agricultural landscapes Jacques Finlay - University of Minnesota 297,419 Luke Stuewe
Assessment of rate and timing of phosphorus application in corn-soybean rotations on the potential for phosphorus loss to surface waters and tile Daniel Kaiser - University of Minnesota 224,773 Jeppe Kjaersgaard
Comparison of real-time N stress sensors and remote sensing from unmanned aerial vehicles for precision management of N fertilizer and improvement of water quality David Mulla - University of Minnesota 448,953 Jeppe Kjaersgaard
An Integrated Sediment Budget for the Root River, Southeastern Minnesota Patrick Belmont - Utah State University 227,658 Kevin Kuehner
Sediment Budget for Greater Blue Earth Basin and its Response to Changes in Drainage and River Discharge Karen Gran - University of Minnesota-Duluth 180,000 Heidi Peterson
Tracing Sediment Sources with Meteoric 10Be: Linking Erosion and the Hydrograph Patrick Belmont - Utah State University 65,298 Adam Birr

Completed Projects - Conservation Practices

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager
Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) Handbook for Minnesota Update Chris Lenhart - University of Minnesota 65,600 Heidi Peterson
Nutrient Removal in Agricultural Drainage Ditches Jeff Strock - Southwest Research and Outreach Center University of Minnesota 404,112 Heather Johnson
Controlled Drainage and Bioreactor- Research and Demonstration Site Kathy Smith - Martin County SWCD 119,396 Heidi Peterson
Evaluation of Nutrient Retention Basins for Treating Drainage from Agricultural Landscapes Jeff Strock - Southwest Research and Outreach Center University of Minnesota 183,910 Mark Dittrich
Field Evaluation of Controlled Drainage and Woodchip Bioreactors in Reducing Contaminant Losses from Farmed Fields John Moncrief - University of Minnesota 237,760 Mark Dittrich
On-Farm Evaluation of Treatment Methods for Excess Nutrients in Agricultural Subsurface Tile Drainage Dean Current - University of Minnesota (CINRAM) 312,248 Heidi Peterson
The Agricultural BMP Handbook for Minnesota Joel Peterson and Tom Miller - Emmons & Oliver Resources, Inc. 94,500 Adam Birr

Completed Projects - Conservation Planning

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager
Ag BMP Assessment and Tracking Tool Stephanie Johnson - Houston Engineering Inc. 102,466 Adam Birr
Assessment and Selection of Sentinel Watersheds for Addressing Impaired Waters Bruce Wilson and John Neiber - University of Minnesota 106,125 Heather Johnson
Evaluation of Best Management Practices in Impaired Watershed using the SWAT Model David Mulla - University of Minnesota 160,000 Adam Birr
Identifying Priority Management Zones for Best Management Practice Implementation in Impaired Watersheds Greg Wilson - Barr Engineering 571,719 Heidi Peterson
Priority Setting for Restoration in Sentinel Watersheds Chris Lenhart - University of Minnesota 288,650 Heidi Peterson
Targeting Best Management Practices to Critical Portions of the Landscape David Mulla - University of Minnesota 95,000 Adam Birr and Barbara Weisman
Validation of the Minnesota Feedlot Assessment Runoff Model (MinnFARM) for use in Assessing TMDLs Bruce Wilson - University of Minnesota 67,700 Rob Sip

Completed Projects - Water Quality Sampling

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager
Evaluation of Acetochlor Losses to Tile Drainage Gyles Randall - University of Minnesota 30,000 Ron Struss
Evaluation of Alternative Surface-Water Monitoring Protocols for Use in Agricultural TMDL Load Allocation and BMP Evaluation Dennis Busch - University of Wisconsin - Platteville 32,300 Adam Birr
Feasibility of an On-Farm Water Quality Program in Minnesota Jim Anderson - University of Minnesota Water Resources Center 48,500 Bruce Montgomery

Completed Projects - Microbiology

Project Title Recipient Funds Awarded ($) MDA Project Manager
Optimizing Woodchip Bioreactors to Reduce Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Subsurface Drainage Water Carl Rosen - University of Minnesota 200,000 Jeppe Kjaersgaard
Analyzing and Optimizing Denitrification in Agricultural Surface Waters Jessica Kozarek - St. Anthony Falls Laboratory University of Minnesota 396,935 Heidi Peterson
Developing a DNA Marker for Bacteria from Cattle, Swine, and Poultry Manure Michael Sadowsky - University of Minnesota 240,000 Adam Birr
Growth, Survival and Genetic Structure of E. Coli found in Ditch Sediment and Water at the Seven Mile Creek Watershed Michael Sadowsky - University of Minnesota 192,804 Adam Birr