One part of the MDA mission is to enhance Minnesotans’ quality of life by ensuring the integrity of our food supply.  A big part of producing safe food is making sure that animals used for food are kept healthy. Sometimes, when an animal is ill, using antibiotics or other veterinary drugs is necessary for treating a specific disease and maintaining the animal’s health and welfare. 

With the use of these essential tools comes the responsibility to use them appropriately and only when necessary. After their use, preventing residues in food products is key to ensuring these products are safe.  By constantly reviewing and improving how we use antibiotics and working closely with producers, veterinarians, and other industry stakeholders, we can promote stewardship practices and the prevention of residue contamination. Through appropriate use, we can ensure meat and milk products are marketed only after the appropriate withholding times.

MDA accomplishes these goals through outreach, education, and regulatory activities.