The Food and Feed Safety Division is responsible for licensing and inspections of permanent and mobile retail food establishments, wholesale food handlers, wholesale food processor/manufacturers and food brokers that predominantly make and sell prepackaged food. Please use the links below to find more information about each license type.

Some food businesses are excluded or exempt from licensing, including cottage food producers. Please visit food license exclusions and exemptions for more information.

If you want to open a new food business and don't know where to start, try the Food Licensing and Food Safety Wizard.

If you have further questions, please fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire for a referral to the MDA Licensing Liaison.

If you currently own a licensed food business and want to expand, remodel, or relocate your existing business, want to sell your existing business, or want to begin the licensing process, please call 651-201-6081 or email

If you need a license for a restaurant, bar, or food stand that primarily prepares foods or beverages onsite, intended for immediate consumption (like hot foods or sandwiches and beverages), please contact the Minnesota Department of Health for assistance at 651-201-4500 or

Food License Types: