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NEW! safeTALK - Training to Prevent Suicide in Agricultural Communities

Four short hours that can save a life

When a neighbor’s tractor gets stuck, you don’t hesitate to help. But when you see a family member, friend, or client stuck in a rut—and possibly suicidal—it can be daunting to try and help and can leave you feeling powerless. This training focuses teaches in-depth skills you can learn in half a day. You’ll learn how to recognize someone having thoughts of suicide, how to engage them, and how to make sure they get help. This evidence-based training is effective for people as young as 15.

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Farming can be a stressful occupation. Often, you live where you work. Your coworkers may be your spouse and/or other family members. While you get to be your own boss, you feel responsible for a lot and can control very little.

Financial problems, price and marketing uncertainties, farm transfer issues, production challenges, marital difficulties, and social pressures can be real sources of stress -- even crisis -- for farmers and farm family members.

There are people and organizations ready to help. Explore them here:

Help with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Feeling Stuck, and Crisis Situations

Minnesota Farm & Rural Helpline ♦ Rural Mental Health Specialists ♦ Mobile Crisis Teams

Help with Daily Living

Help with food, heat, electricity, health care, childcare, senior programs, etc.

Business, Financial and Legal Help

Help with business and legal problems


If you need help figuring out who to contact, call us at 833-600-2670 x 0 during business hours, or use TTY at 711.