man looking over grain field; girl holding chicken; woman comforting senior man

Stress factors are high in agriculture. Farmers and ranchers face financial problems, price and marketing uncertainties, farm transfer issues, production challenges, family tension, and more.

Down on the Farm: Supporting Farmers in Stressful Times is a 3-hour workshop that teaches people who live and work in agricultural communities how to recognize and respond when they suspect a farmer or farm family member might need help. It can be offered in-person or online.

The kit consists of 1) a PowerPoint slide set (ZIP) and 2) a Facilitator’s Guide (PDF) – you just add 3-4 people to make a delivery team. It’s free, and we encourage users to adapt and modify it for their own local area and audiences.

These materials were developed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the AgCentric Northern Center of Agricultural Excellence at Central Lakes College, with input from other partners, and financial support from North Central SARE. If you have any problems accessing the materials or need more information, please contact Meg Moynihan,