Customers purchasing crop protection pesticides in plastic containers, 55 gallons or less, can return those containers to the place of purchase (Minnesota Statute 18B.135).

Pesticide container recycling is available for free through the Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC). View container eligibility requirements for additional information on the type of containers accepted. Please note household pesticide containers are not accepted.

Containers must be properly prepared before they can be returned. Containers must be:

  • Triple rinsed or pressure rinsed (use rinsate per product label);
  • Free of all visible residue (staining is permitted);
  • Free of the label, including plastic sleeve and booklet, if possible;
  • Free of the cap to allow container to dry; and
  • Stored inside or under cover until they are returned.

View the complete ACRC Container Preparation Checklist.

ACRC Recycling Contractors

Pesticide dealers can contact the regional ACRC contractor to learn about container pickup. The ACRC map includes regions within the United States and contractor contact information. The contractor will help with scheduling a pickup date.


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