The Governor’s Council on Biofuels was created by Executive Order 19-35, signed by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on September 16, 2019.

The purpose of the Council is “…to advise the Governor, and the Commissioners of the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Commerce, and the Pollution Control Agency on the role of biofuels in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and recommend policy and budget proposals to foster growth in the production and use of biofuels.”

As specified in the order, the study and recommendations of the Council must include, but are not limited to consideration of:

  • Policies that accelerate achievement of the petroleum replacement goals outlined in Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 239.7911
  • Policies and programs to advance and invest in carbon efficiency improvements of biofuels plants and sources of biofuels feedstock
  • Policies that utilize biofuels to help Minnesota achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals under the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act

In making its recommendations, the Council must, at minimum, consider:

  • Impacts to, and opportunities for, farmers, rural communities, the natural environment, and economically disadvantaged populations as it relates to biofuels production
  • The feasibility and cost of increasing biofuels infrastructure throughout Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture must submit a report based upon the recommendations of the Council by November 1, 2020.

Council Members

  • Gary Anderson – Eagan, MN
  • Michael Bull – Northfield Township, MN
  • John Christianson – Lake Lillian, MN
  • Elizabeth Crow – Minneapolis, MN
  • Tim Gross – Duluth, MN
  • Chris Hanson – Fountain, MN
  • Rick Horton – Grand Rapids, MN
  • Kevin Lee – Minneapolis, MN
  • Lance Klatt – Little Canada, MN
  • Jeanne McCaherty – Prior Lake, MN
  • Mick Miller – Morris, MN
  • Kevin Paap – Lake Crystal, MN
  • Brian Thalmann – Plato, MN
  • Gary Wertish – Renville, MN
  • Bob Worth – Lake Benton, MN

Executive Committee

  • Thom Petersen, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Agriculture
  • John Christianson
  • Chris Hanson
  • Kevin Lee
  • Jeanne McCaherty

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • Minnesota Corn Growers: Amanda Bilek (alternate: Mitch Coulter)
  • Ethanol Industry: Mick Miller (alternate: Gary Anderson)
  • Biodiesel Industry: Scott Hedderich (alternate: Mike Youngerberg)
  • Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association (MSSA): Lance Klatt
  • Minnesota Petroleum Marketers Association (MPMA): Tim Gross
  • Minnesota Department of Agriculture: Deputy Commissioner Andrea Vaubel (alternate: Commissioner Thom Petersen)
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce: Greg Vanderplaats (alternate: Jon Kelly)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Assistant Commissioner Kirk Koudelka (alternate: Nate Blasing)


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