Our agency regulates the use, application, storage, sale, handling and disposal of agricultural chemicals. This includes fertilizers and products to control weeds, insects, fungi, rodents and other pests. Pesticides must be registered with both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of Minnesota. Routine inspections and investigations about misuse complaints are handled by our Pesticide and Fertilizer Management Division (PFMD).

Contact Information

If you, a family member, your pet or farm animal are exposed or harmed from pesticide exposure, please seek immediate medical or veterinarian attention. When immediate health emergencies have been addressed, use this contact information:

  • Business hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (651-201-6333).
  • After hours: Contact the Minnesota Duty Officer (1-800-422-0798). 
  • Formal complaints with the MDA must be made in writing. (Note: the MDA cannot pursue a civil claim on your behalf).


A team of statewide inspectors is available to conduct routine inspections and enforcement checks, provide compliance assistance and investigate agricultural chemical use complaints. Our division is responsible for addressing health and environmental risks from pesticide use, injury or damage. We are here to assist you with compliance.  


MDA Agricultural Chemical Inspectors (ACIs) conduct routine inspections statewide and some are unannounced. Under state law, inspectors are authorized to visit farms, co-ops, operations and facilities that use, store, handle, distribute and dispose of agricultural chemicals. Staff investigate and specify corrections that need to be made during a site visit. Inspectors also perform compliance assistance visits and investigate alleged pesticide bee kills. After an inspection is complete, MDA enforcement staff review inspector reports to determine if violations have occurred.