The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) helps with planning livestock expansions, feedlot siting issues, and agricultural planning and zoning. We also offer grants and loans for specific livestock-related activities.

Are you starting a new feedlot or expanding an existing farm or ranch?

Careful planning and preparation for both new and expanding operations can reduce or eliminate conflicts about land use down the road. We can help you:

  • Site a feedlot properly.
  • Find funding opportunities for feedlot-related projects.
  • Communicate with local units of government regarding your project and help find engineering consultants or legal representation. Contact one of the MDA staff listed on this page.

Do you want to buy or sell a farm?

FarmLink is our program that connects retiring farmers with prospective farmers and help farms stay farms. As part of the program, the MDA publishes farm real estate listings based on farm buildings/infrastructure and the amount of land available.

Are you looking for new grazing opportunities?

The Cropland Grazing Exchange can help you find opportunities to graze private cropland and pastures in Minnesota – or list your own herd’s availability for grazing.

Check out the Conservation Grazing Map to find opportunities to graze public land in your area.

Are you looking for ways to improve your dairy farm?

The Dairy Development and Profitability Enhancement Program was created in 1997 to support Minnesota's dairy farmers and improve their milk quality. It has two components:

Are you wondering what it takes to be a livestock dealer or market agency?

The MDA licenses all livestock dealers and market agencies in the state. If you’re looking for information about licensing requirements or if you want to find a licensed dealer or market, visit the Livestock Dealer Licensing Program.

Do you want to learn more about fish farming?

If you currently raise fish or are interested in raising and selling fish, shrimp, shellfish, or other aquatic life, our Aquaculture page will guide you to information and resources that might be helpful.