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To facilitate the export of commercial animal feed regulated by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), the MDA can prepare a certificate attesting a manufacturing facility has been inspected by the MDA’s Commercial Feed Program and found in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations.

A CGMP Certificate is a physical document that:

  • Includes attestations listed below under Regulatory Requirements
  • Is printed on official MDA letterhead with the MDA’s watermark
  • Is signed in ink by an agent of the MDA Commissioner
  • Is signed in ink by a notary public currently commissioned by the State of Minnesota
  • Is stamped with the notary public’s official stamp

Regulatory Requirements

  • The inspection site must be subject to inspection under the applicable Minnesota statutes and rules that apply to commercial animal feeds
  • The firm must be current with all applicable commercial animal feed license and inspection fees (tonnage and/or product registration)
  • The facility must have no outstanding licensing, compliance, or enforcement issues
  • The inspection site must be located in the state of Minnesota

What Entity Determines If a CGMP Certificate Is Required?

The government of the destination country is the entity that determines if a CGMP Certificate is required and any time limits after issuance. The MDA does not make these determinations and does not maintain a current list of requirements for foreign countries. Please consult your contacts within the destination country to determine if a CGMP Certificate is required.

Invoicing and Fees

An invoice for all inspection costs, mileage, and administration fees will be sent to the party responsible for payment after the satisfactory completion of any required inspection and issuance of the certificate. Three original CGMP Certificates are included for each application.

Steps to Apply for a CGMP Certificate

  1. Complete the application form 
  2. Email the completed application to: MDA.Licensing@state.mn.us
  3. Alternatively, the completed application can be mailed to:

           Minnesota Department of Agriculture

           Food & Feed Safety Division

           Attn: Licensing & Registration

           625 Robert Street North

           Saint Paul, MN 55155-2538

  • Send documents via email rather than physical mail.
  • Create a prepaid, self-addressed mailing insert from an express delivery service (e.g., FedEx, UPS) for the return of the completed CGMP. Please include the mailer insert with the application material mailed or emailed to MDA.Licensing@state.mn.us.

A CGMP Certificate applies to the inspection status of the manufacturing facility and does not require naming of specific products. A Certificate of Free Sale applies to products specifically named on the Free Sale Certificate.

A CGMP inspection may be required depending on your inspection history and the specifics of your operation.