Tonnage Reporting

Each registrant under section (18C.411) and each company licensed under section (18C.415) must file an annual tonnage report for the previous year ending June 30 with the MDA on forms provided or approved by the MDA.  The form must state the number of net tons of each raw fertilizer material or net tons of each brand or grade of fertilizer, soil amendment, or plant amendment product sold or distributed in Minnesota during the reporting period (18C.421).

A tonnage report is not required to be submitted and the inspection fee is not required to be paid to the MDA by a licensee who distributes fertilizer solely by custom application.

Tonnage reports are mailed to applicants approximately 45 days prior to the due date. If a registrant or licensee fails to submit an annual tonnage report or pay the inspection fee, the MDA will assess the registrant or licensee a penalty of the greater of $50 or 10 percent of the amount due (18C.421).

Inspection Fee

Persons responsible for fertilizer, soil amendments or plant amendments used or sold in Minnesota must pay an inspection fee of $0.79 per ton with a minimum of $10 for all tonnage reports (18C.425). In addition, a $0.48 per ton surcharge for the Agricultural Chemical Response & Reimbursement Account (ACRRA) is also due with the tonnage report (18E.03) equaling a total $1.27 per ton.

Responsibility for Payment of Inspection Fee

Licensees who distribute a fertilizer to a person not required to be licensed (e.g. grower or other end user) must pay the inspection fee to the MDA, except as exempted under section (18C.421).

The person who registers in Minnesota a specialty fertilizer, (nonagricultural fertilizers), soil amendment, or plant amendment under section (18C.411) must pay the inspection fee to the MDA. (18C.425)