The Minnesota Drug Residue Prevention Program began developing resources in 2017 to help educate producers on how to prevent drug residues in meat and milk products. Over the years, our Resource Library for Producers has grown! Bookmark this page so you can easily re-visit to view and download our most popular resources and stay up-to-date on the latest resources that apply to the agricultural industry you are a part of. Feel free to contact us with questions, comments, concerns, AND ideas!

Resource Library

Check out many resources in the Resource Library for Producers

Resource Highlight!

Our team has been working hard to bring you new resources! We have an infographic series, titled "Prevent Drug Residues", that was developed based on the most common causes of drug residues on dairy farms and they are perfect for hanging in the barn. You can view and download the Identify Treated Animals and the Clean Milking Equipment infographics shown below.

Identify treated animalsClean Milking Equipment with Detergent

Online Learning

  • Drug Residue Prevention Module: Developed to help dairy producers understand what to expect if a drug residue is found in their milk, this module teaches producers how to be good stewards of antibiotics on their farms.
  • Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) video: Learn what a VCPR is and why it matters in the video below. Print out the corresponding worksheet (pdf) to use as you watch. Then check your work against the answer key (pdf).