This page consists of drug residue prevention tools and resources for dairy producers. Check these out and remember, the most important resource is still your farm veterinarian. Select from the categories below to view a list of fact sheets and templates with descriptions.

6 Steps to Zero Residues (pdf) - Six steps you can follow to prevent drug residues on dairy farms

Avoiding Drug Residues in Meat (pdf) - How meat is tested for antibiotic residues and the penalties associated with positive tests

On-Farm Drug Storage for Dairies (pdf) - PMO requirements and MDA recommendations for proper drug storage on a dairy farm

Detecting Drug Residues in Milk (pdf) - Types of testing performed by the State of Minnesota on milk to screen for drug residues

Establishing a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) (pdf) - The importance of the VCPR and it's role in preventing drug residues

Extra-label Drug Use (ELDU) (pdf) - Description of extra-label drug use and how it may increase the need for a longer than labeled withdrawal time

Follow the 5 R's to Prevent Veterinary Drug Residue in Dairy Animals (pdf) - The five "Rs" for avoiding drug residues in dairy cows

Penalties for Drug Residues in Milk (pdf) - What to expect if your farm has one or multiple milk residue penalties

S.T.O.P. (pdf) - A printable flyer with tips for when NOT to send your animal to slaughter that can be posted in your barn

Testing Milk on the Farm (pdf) - Description of tests available to screen for milk residues on the farm

Treatment Checklist for Dairy Cattle (pdf) - Guidelines for developing an animal health treatment protocol for your farm

Avoiding Residues from Tetracycline Drugs (pdf) - Tips to avoid drug residues with commonly used Tetracycline drugs

Cephalosporin Use in Cattle (pdf) - The proper use of Cephalosporin drugs in cattle

Sulfonamide Use on the Dairy Farm (pdf) - Advice on navigating FDA-approved use of Sulfonamide drugs on the dairy farm

Use of ToDAY (Cephapirin) in Lactating Dairy Cows (pdf) - Tips to avoid drug residues in milk when using ToDAY tubes to treat mastitis

Using Injectable Flunixin Meglumine (pdf) - Tips to avoid drug residues with the commonly used anti-inflammatory drug Flunixin Meglumine

Using Injectable Penicillin G Procaine (pdf) - Explanation of why penicillin use often causes violative drug residues and how to avoid this problem

Animal Health Treatment Protocols (pdf) - Work with your veterinarian to document treatment protocols for sick animals

Drug List (pdf) - Document drugs used or found on the farm

Record of Treatments - Herd (pdf) - Document treatments given to multiple animals, following FDA guidelines

Record of Treatments - Individual Animal (pdf) - Document treatments given to an individual animal on the farm, following FDA guidelines

Individual Animal Pre-Marketing Form (pdf) - Ask these questions before sending an animal to slaughter

Marketing Log (pdf) - Ask these questions before sending multiple animals to slaughter

These quick and easy resources are great for dairy producers to use and post in their facilities.

Prevent Drug Residues... Identify Treated Animals (pdf) - Shows how to mark animals treated with antibiotics in order to avoid drug residues.

Prevent Drug Residues... Clean Milking Equipment with Detergent! (pdf) - Cleaning milking equipment with detergent after use on animals treated with antibiotics is a must.