To avoid retesting you must keep your license valid and maintain category certifications.

Maintain Your Certification - Attend Certification Workshops

In order to be qualified to renew your license without retesting you must recertify each use category listed on your license. This needs to be completed before the recertify-by date listed on your license card (see example below).

Private Applicators see Private Certification

Printed on each license identification card is a Valid date and Categories/Attend Workshop By  date. To check the license status and Categories/Attend Workshop By date of an applicator, look on the license identification card or go to License Lookup.

  • Recertify through a recertification workshop or retest for each category listed on your license card.
  • Attendance at a qualifying workshop allows applicators to renew their license without retesting.
  • If a workshop is missed or is unavailable for that category certification, the applicator must pass the closed-book certification exams and pay a retesting fee which is approximately equivalent to a workshop fee.
  • Applicators licensed through reciprocity who move to Minnesota must complete a recertification workshop in Minnesota prior to renewing the license in subsequent years, or take the Minnesota certification exams. An applicator who fails to recertify (attend a workshop) as required must take certification exams and pay a retest fee.An example of a commercial pesticide applicator license identification card. The card is highlighted to show the License Category, the date at which the card is no longer valid, and also the date to recertify by.

University of Minnesota Extension Recertification Workshops 


An applicator attending recertification after December 5 cannot renew their license online until after January 2. Please call the MDA office (651-201-6615) after January 2 to receive your PIN for online renewal

To find information on workshop dates and locations visit the University of Minnesota Pesticide Safety and Certification webpage.


Recertification Years Credit at Workshops

Code Category Workshop Credit
A Core Varies
B General Aerial 1
C Field Crop Pest Management 3
E Turf & Ornamental 2
F Aquatic 2
H Seed Treatment 3
I Anti-Microbial 2
J Natural Areas, Forestry & ROW 2
K Agricultural Pest Control 2
L Mosquito, Black Fly, Tick Pest Control 2
M Food Processing (noncommercial) 2
N Stored Grain & Fumigation 2
O Soil 2
P Vertebrate Pest Control 2
Q Wood Preservative 2
R Sewer Root Control 2
S Structural (noncommercial) 1
SPCA Structural Pest Control 1


Recertification workshops are held for most certifications throughout the year. Persons renewing licenses with Categories C and H should note that attending a recertification workshop allows for license renewal for three years.

Persons renewing their license with Categories E, F, I, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q and R should note that attending a recertification workshop allows for license renewal for two years.

Persons renewing their license with Categories B, S, and Structural Pest Control should note that attending a recertification workshop allows for license renewal for one year.

Persons attending a qualifying workshop are also credited for category A.


If you are unable to attend a recertification workshop or no workshop is offered by the December 31st recertify-by date, a person must retest for recertification in all held categories prior to license renewal.

Recertification credit for retesting is equal to credit given for attending a recertification workshop. Retesting fees are set at a rate approximately equivalent to the fee for attendance at a recertification workshop.To schedule an exam contact MDA or see Testing Locations.

License Type Fee Per Category Fee
Commercial and/or Noncommercial A, B, C, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, O, P, Q, R $75.00
Commercial and/or Noncommercial M, N $150.00
Noncommerical  S $250.00
Structural Pest Control Applicator Master or Journeyman $250.00
Structural Pest Control Applicator Fumigation $150.00