To maintain a pesticide license, an applicator must, pay the annual renewal along with:

  • Attend an MDA approved recertification workshop within the year listed on the license card, see full list of recertification workshops at the bottom of the page, OR

  • Retest for each license category during license renewal time and pay all required fees.

To know what year an applicator is required to attend a recertification workshop, verify the attend by date on the license card or visit license lookup on the MDA web site.

Private Applicators see Private Certification


Applicators that had their license through reciprocity and move to Minnesota must complete an MDA approved workshop prior to renewing the license. Failure to attend an approved workshop must take license exams for all requested categories and pay retest fee to renew the license.

  • An example of a commercial pesticide applicator license identification card. The card is highlighted to show the License Category, the date at which the card is no longer valid, and also the date to recertify by.

Recertification workshops

An applicator must attend a workshop the following year of passing exams and obtaining a license. Then the recertification cycle (based on license category) begins. See the table below for category and recertification cycle.

Reminder: while the recertification workshop cycle maybe 2 or 3 years based on category, renewal of the license is required annually.

Currently all MDA approved recertification workshops will include credit for category A (Core).


Code Category Workshop Credit
A Core Varies
B General Aerial 1 year
C Field Crop Pest Management 3 years
E Turf & Ornamental 2 years
F Aquatic 2 years
H Seed Treatment 3 years
I Anti-Microbial 2 years
J Natural Areas, Forestry & ROW 2 years
K Agricultural Pest Control 2 years
L Mosquito, Black Fly, Tick Pest Control 2 years
M Food Processing (noncommercial) 2 years
N Non-soil Fumigation 2 years
O Soil Fumigation 2 years
P Vertebrate Pest Control 2 years
Q Wood Preservative 2 years
R Sewer Root Control 2 years
S Structural (noncommercial) 1 year
SPCA Structural Pest Control 1 year


If an applicator is unable to attend a workshop within the required year, the applicator must retest in the categories on the license. This requirement will be indicated on the annual renewal notice with the appropriate fee. Applicators that must retest to renew their license cannot pay the renewal online, they must mail in the payment or bring it in during the testing session. The retest fees are close to the fee’s that would be charged to attend a recertification workshop.

License Type Fee Per Category Fee
Commercial and/or Noncommercial A, B, C, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, O, P, Q, R $75.00
Commercial and/or Noncommercial M, N $150.00
Noncommerical  S $250.00
Structural Pest Control Applicator Master or Journeyman $250.00
Structural Pest Control Applicator Fumigation $150.00