Access to Information in an Alternative Format

The Minnesota State Meat, Poultry, and Egg Inspection Program is responsible for ensuring that meat and poultry processed in the state are both safe and wholesome. Meat, poultry, and egg products are an integral part of the food chain. Because these products can be associated with food borne diseases, ensuring that the products produced in Minnesota are safe is an important public health safeguard.

This program provides services in the following ways: 

Producers and Farmers


Plant and Business Owners


Access to Information in an Alternative Format

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture strives to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to provide meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in services, activities and programs to individuals whose first language is not English or who need an accommodation for a disability.

Translation services are available if individuals need assistance to access services, activities and programs; key documents and resources may be translated upon request. 

For assistance in obtaining access to services or to arrange for translation services, please contact the Dairy and Meat Inspection Division at 651-201-6300.

"The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is an equal opportunity employer and provider."