Agriculture is the foundation of Minnesota's economy. Minnesota ranks #6 in the nation in agricultural production, with $26 billion in agricultural sales per year. Minnesota’s combined agriculture, food processing, and forestry industries contribute over 15% of Minnesota’s total economic activities and support over 10% of all jobs. The overall impacts of Minnesota’s agricultural production, processing, and forestry industries generate nearly $106 billion annually in total economic impacts and support 388,134 jobs.

The MDA provides market information and economic data to Minnesota's agricultural producers, processors, and exporters, as well as policymakers and the general public. Key areas include economic and statistical analysis, domestic and international market research, and economic impact studies at the state and local levels.

Research Reports and Publications

Minnesota Agricultural Profiles

County Economic Profiles

The MDA offers summary reports about agricultural production statistics, rankings, agricultural employment, farm income, and production expenses for a number of Minnesota counties. Contact to request them.

International Market Profiles

For other country and regional reports (including Brazil, Colombia, India, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and South America), contact

Export and Commodity Profiles

For other market analyses, including turkeys and wheat, contact

Economics of Biofuels