The Minnesota Department of Agriculture provides regulatory oversight and guidance to small scale producers to ensure they meet Federal and State regulations.  While most small scale producers who wish to sell their eggs may fall under the exemption which would allow them to sell eggs without a license, they must still follow state regulations for handling, labeling, and storage to provide a wholesome, quality product to the consumers in our state.

Multi Colored Eggs

I Want to Sell My Eggs:

  1. What is required for me to sell my eggs at a Farmers Market?
  2. What is required for me to sell my eggs to grocery stores, coop's, restaurants, schools, or other retail facilities?
  3. Can I sell my eggs direct to consumers from my farm without a license and inspection?
  4. How do I clean my eggs?
  5. Can I reuse egg cartons to sell my eggs?
  6. What types of eggs can I sell in Minnesota (species of poultry)?