Minnesota State "Equal To" USDA Inspection Program or E2 Inspection

Minnesota is one of 27 states currently operating Meat and Poultry Inspection (MPI) programs that are considered at least Equal To the federal meat and poultry inspection program (USDA). This means establishments in Minnesota’s ‘Equal To’ (E2) program can slaughter animals and process products to sell, distribute, and wholesale to any entity within the state of Minnesota.

Retailers, restaurants, distributors, schools, food shelves and other entities can buy and serve meat and poultry from Minnesota establishments participating in the E2 program. Products from a Minnesota E2 plant contain a State of Minnesota symbol with the phrase inspected and passed, and the establishment number. When you see this, you can be assured that those products were inspected and passed under the same regulations and requirements that USDA uses to ensure the production of safe, wholesome products.  

The Minnesota E2 program allows smaller slaughter and processing establishments to expand their marking potential, work with smaller business within their community, and provide a service to the farmers in their area. It is also a very important part of strengthening and diversifying local food systems, local economic development, and helping consumers learn to know their local farmers.

These plants operate under the requirements as set by the Federal Meat Inspection Act or the Poultry Products Inspection Act.

  • See Map of Minnesota Meat Processors
  • Livestock producers who wish to sell their products to grocery stores, restaurants, boarding houses, and other food service institutions must meet certain requirements relating to food safety prior to the sale.
  • The poultry and livestock must be slaughtered and processed in an establishment that is inspected continuously by the Minnesota Meat and Poultry Inspection Program (MMPIP) or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). A list of State inspected meat and poultry plants is available or call the MMPIP for a copy. For a listing of USDA inspected plants, contact the Des Moines District office at 1-800-990-9834.
  • All packages of product must be properly labeled with the product identity and the inspection brands of either MMPIP or USDA.
    MN Equal To and USDA Inspection bugs
  • Product identity includes the name of the product, a complete list of ingredients and the name address and zip code of the manufacturer or distributor. All labels must be submitted for approval to the respective state or federal inspector at the plant prior to using the inspection legend on any packages
  • The livestock producer may need to have a valid food handler license and approved facilities for the storage and delivery of the products. Some products you sell may be exempt from licensing. Applications for food handler licenses must be obtained from the MDA Food and Feed Safety Division. They can be contacted at 651-201-6027. Please notify them to determine if you need a food handler license and you will be referred to the area supervisor or inspector.

Meat processed at a custom exempt processor cannot be sold and must be identified "Not For Sale." (A custom meat processor is defined in state and federal law as a plant that is exempted from continuous inspection because they only process meat for the owner of the animal. The meat products can be consumed by the owner, the owner’s immediate family and non-paying guests, but it cannot be sold).