Any meat product sold or offered for sale must bear an appropriate label.

This label must have:

  • The true name of the product
  • The product ingredients, if applicable
  • The name and address of the processor or distributor
  • The net weight of the product
  • The inspection legend
  • One of the following statements or a similar perishable warning statement: “Keep Refrigerated,” “Perishable,” “Keep Under Refrigeration,” or “Keep Frozen” if the product is perishable.

All formulas, labels and labeling information used in the labeling of products in “Equal To” meat plants must be submitted to the Meat Inspection Program for review prior to use. Review the USDA’s labeling requirements for more information on specific requirements.

Product Formulations, or formulas, must also be submitted to the Minnesota Meat and Poultry Inspection Program for review. Formulations are a listing of all of the ingredients in a product. In addition to meat, other ingredients could include water, spices, cures flavorings, binders or extenders. Your Inspector will review your product’s formula to determine several things:

  • Are the levels of restricted ingredients within regulatory requirements?
  • Is the proper product name used?
  • Are there any allergens in the product? Are they properly addressed on the label for consumers?
  • Is the process used to create the products safe?

Once these subjects have been addressed, the label will be deemed acceptable and returned to you so you can begin producing product.