The MDA determines which product to use to treat spongy moth by looking at the results of annual spongy moth survey data, alternate life survey results, and size of the treatment area. Depending on the product, treatments are conducted to target either very young caterpillars or adult moths.

In areas where a low population of spongy moth was detected, the mating disruption product SPLAT GM-O is used.

Product Questions

Mating disruption uses pheromone-based products to confuse adult moths and prevent them from reproducing. 

When an area is treated with a mating disruption product, the scent of the female moth floods the area and confuses male spongy moths so they cannot find females. Because the spongy moths are at the end of their life cycle, they die without reproducing. The product does not actually kill moths; it just carries the scent and prevents reproduction

Pheromones are non-toxic compounds that insects use to communicate. The female spongy moth does not fly and must attract the male moths with pheromones.

SPLAT GM-O is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified organic, non-toxic, biodegradable formulation for the control of spongy moth. It is made of food grade materials and has the consistency of hand cream. SPLAT GM-O uses pheromone to disrupt spongy moth mating habits without impacting other insects, mammals, or the surrounding environment.

Human Health Questions

SPLAT GM-O is completely non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals. All the ingredients in SPLAT GM-O are listed by the EPA as safe and have been approved for food use. Should you, your children and/or pets come in contact with SPLAT GM-O, simply wash the affected area with soap and water. Clothing can be cleaned with hot water and laundry detergent.

Scientific research shows that SPLAT GM-O is not harmful to humans. Individuals with a weakened immune systems or serious food allergies may choose to avoid any potential for exposure by staying indoors during and at least 30 minutes after the treatment, or leaving the area during the application.

Environmental Questions

No SPLAT GM-O is not toxic to humans, other mammals, fish, birds or honeybees. SPLAT GM-O is biodegradable and uses pheromones to disrupt the mating activities of the spongy moth. It is a non-lethal means of control. 

SPLAT GM-O is formulated to specifically target the spongy moth. It will not impact the mating activities of other insects.

SPLAT GM-O will not harm the paint on your vehicle or outdoor structures. The product can be easily washed off. Use a mild detergent and water to wash the product off as you would road grime. More ‘elbow grease’ may be required if the spray deposit is left on the vehicle for several days. Clothing can be cleaned with hot water and laundry detergent.