Step 3 - Application Basics

This step offers specific tips for how to complete the plan review application and the supporting documents. Please click on the dropdowns to view the guidance for each section.

Establishment Information

  • Enter the legal name of the business. If the actual business name is different, enter the name of what the business will be called. This is the DBA (doing business as).

Contact Information

  • Provide your information and information for a secondary contact in case we cannot reach you. The secondary contact should have some knowledge of the project.

Type of Project

  • New Construction means that you are building a new structure from the ground up.
  • Remodeling a Licensed Facility means that you are currently operating a food establishment and want to make some changes.
  • Conversion of an Existing Structure to a Food Establishment means that you want to start a business in a vacant space of building that already exists.

Type of Operation

  • Check the box that best describes your food business. If none exists, check Other and write a short description.
  • NOTE: Prepackaged food is a food that comes in from the supplier and is displayed in the same unopened packaged. If this box is checked, no other boxes apply.  

Water & Sewer

  • Check the boxes for Private Water or Private Sewer if you are on a private well or septic system.
  • Check the boxes for Municipal Water and Municipal Sewer if you are using city water and sewer facilities.


  • Enter the Start Date of your project.
  • Enter the End Date when the projected will be completed.
  • Enter the new construction or remodeled area in square feet (Square Footage).

Plan Review Fee

  • Enter the Amount Due. This is the fee you must pay to have your plans reviewed. Follow the instructions for payment.
  • Sign the application.
  • Print your name below your signature.

Description of Project

  • Describe the project in your own words. Include some basic details.  If you are remodeling and changing your “menu,” indicate that here.

“Check the box of each item included in your submission”

  • Menu – If you are a grocery store, group your “menu” into categories, such as prepackaged food, raw produce, dairy, frozen food, etc. If you are preparing food, provide a list of those items, such as hot and cold prepared food, freshly cut meat, or bakery items. Include beverages.
  • Floor plan – You must provide a floor plan. Blueprints are accepted, although most floor plans are drawn by hand. It must be neatly drawn with equipment clearly labeled.
  • Specification (spec) sheets – Include specification sheets for the equipment that will be used to prepare and store your food. Be sure to include the brand name and specific model of the water heater.
  • Photos – If you are using existing equipment left behind by the previous owner, or you wish to bring in used equipment, submit two photos of each item: one of the entire pieces of equipment, and its data plate showing the brand, model number, and certification marks.
  • Cabinetry and countertops – Provide drawings that include the interior and exterior finishes. No enclosed hollow cabinetry bases are allowed.
  • HACCP Plan activities.
  • Description of wholesale activities. – Wholesale activities include sales to others for resale. An example of this would be a bakery selling baked goods to a grocery or convenience store for resale to the public.

Equipment Schedule

List all items here. Do not include small wares. Referencing a blueprint for equipment will cause a delay, especially if equipment is not listed in one place. In some cases, an incomplete Equipment Schedule may be returned for completion.

Room Finish Schedule

List each room here and enter the finishes. Be sure to include cove base materials. Walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers should be listed here as well. In some cases, an incomplete Room Finish Schedule may be returned for completion.