Attention: If this is your first time submitting for plan review we strongly encourage you to contact the Plan Review Team prior to submitting your Plan Review Application (PDF).

Call the Plan Review Team at 651-201-6194 or email them at

Submitting Your Plans

Gather your documents and make a copy to keep for your records.

Email the application and all associated documents to

When emailing plans, please submit the application, layout, and equipment specifications sheets as PDF documents. When appropriate, photographs can be powerful tools in communicating your plan submission and should be included in your application. Contact the Plan Review Team if you are unsure whether to include photos. 

Although emailing plans is the most efficient process, we can still accept paper submittals. When receiving paper submittals, a delay of two weeks is anticipated. If you wish to submit the application and documents in the mail, please notify us ahead of time.

Documents can be submitted as email attachments or a file sharing link.

Paying the Plan Review Fee

Once the application and required documents are accepted, you will receive an invoice with a PIN and MDA’s weblink to pay via the online portal. Payment is due upon receipt, failure to pay in a timely manner will delay the plan review process. 

Incomplete submissions will receive a written notification. Plans will not be reviewed until the submission is complete and the invoice has been paid. 

Next Steps

Once the plan review fee has been paid, the review will be entered into the queue and you will be sent a confirmation email.

Plans are reviewed in the order they are received.

The assigned plan review officer will contact you when they begin the review.