Technicians licensed in the Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT) license categories of Site Manager and Applicator must remain current on their certification (training).


A person wishing to become licensed in the Applicator Category can only do so through Online Training. Applicators must complete 2 hours of online training before they can apply manure.

Site Manager

A person licensed in the Site Manager Category must pass the certification exam (80% or better) for an initial license to be awarded (see recertification requirements below). Each test contains multiple-choice questions based on the study manual. The test is an open book monitored exam. Site Managers are also licensed to apply manure.

Testing locations for the CAWT Site Manager category are available in:

A Commercial Animal Waste Technician Site Manager Study Manual (PDF) is available.



An applicator must renew their license annually. An applicator may recertify for one year by taking the online training at the time of renewal OR they may recertify for TWO years by taking an approved CAWT workshop.

Site Manager

A person licensed in the Site Manager Category must renew their license annually, and must maintain current certification. Certifications are renewed every two years. To be eligible to renew your license you must meet recertification requirements by attending an approved recertification workshop every other year or re-test.

Approved Workshops

The MDA has approved the University of Extension's CAWT workshops, as they meet CAWT educational standards. The workshops are also open to the general public.