There are three different sets of requirements for a Commercial Animal Waste Technician (CAWT) license. These requirements are dependent upon the role you play (Company, Site Manager, and Applicator). Please review the requirements below and complete those that apply to your role in using commercial animal waste.

CAWT Company License:

CAWT License -  Site Manager:

  • Be employed by a licensed CAWT Company
  • Apply online or complete and submit the CAWT Site Manager application form selecting Category liquid, solid or both
  • Pay appropriate fees
  • Meet Financial Responsibility Requirements
  • Take and pass (80% and above) a multiple choice exam
  • Take and pass exam for each category desired liquid and/or solid (Testing Locations)
  • Recertify at a workshop or re-test every 2 years
  • Renew and pay license fee annually

CAWT License -  Applicator: