Commercial Animal Waste Technicians (CAWT) in Minnesota must fulfill continuing education requirements to renew their licenses. In order for Site Manager licenses to be renewed every year, Site Managers must attend a CAWT workshop approved by MDA every other year. Individuals interested in sponsoring a CAWT workshop must first receive approval from the MDA.

Workshop Requirements

Planning Meetings and Agendas

  • Individuals interested in developing recertification workshops should contact the MDA to schedule a planning meeting prior to submitting the intended agenda
  • The MDA participates in planning meetings to provide assistance in the development of the workshop program to ensure the necessary standards are met
  • Planning meetings should be scheduled with MDA far enough in advance to book speakers, distribute any brochures or literature, and carefully review the program agenda
  • In order for CAWT workshops to be approved, the detailed program agenda must be submitted to the MDA
  • A copy of the proposed agenda must be submitted to the MDA no later than four (4) months prior to the selected workshop date. The MDA will have one (1) month to review the agenda for approval.

Recertification Workshops

  • The MDA monitors attendance at all workshops and enrollment must be open to all licensed Commercial Animal Waste Technicians (CAWTs)
  • Private, industrial training workshops will not be considered for approval. Annual commercial applicator association meetings may be submitted.
  • The MDA requires standards to be incorporated into the CAWT recertification workshops. Program agendas must include some of these standards and should rotate standards if a workshop is held on a repeating basis.
  • Workshops must meet at least 3 hours of relevant classroom content

A workshop's content standards include:

  • Manure as a resource
  • Environmental and health considerations with manure
  • Manure Management Planning
  • Calculating manure application rates
  • Manure application
  • Preparing for incidents
  • Responding to incidents
  • Recordkeeping
  • Rules and regulations