The MDA requires that each sample of ag lime product be analyzed before the product can be sold or used in Minnesota.  Licensed ag lime producers must sample/analyze each ag lime product each year. The analysis provides the ag lime quality rating expressed in the minimum pounds of ENP per Ton (Min. lbs ENP/Ton). The Min. lbs ENP/Ton must be listed on the ag lime product distribution label. A copy of the distribution label must be supplied to the consumer with each delivery of ag lime material.

Collecting and Submitting Ag Lime Samples For Analysis

Collecting a Sample

See the "Ag-Lime Sampling Procedure", under Forms + Resources for complete instructions to ensure you collect an accurate sample safely.  Each sample:

  • must be at least 5-10 pounds
  • must have an identification label on each container
  • must be contained in an air and water tight container that is sturdy enough for shipping.

If any deviations from the official sampling method are needed you must notify Jane Boerboom (see "Contact Us")  prior to the time of sampling. You must state the deviations and demonstrate why such deviations are necessary. Only safety or other similarly related reasons will be considered as acceptable deviations from the official sampling procedure.

Submitting a Sample and Results

Once collected, the samples must be analyzed by the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory. The Liming Materials Analysis Sheet can be downloaded from the University of Minnesota  Minnesota Agricultural Liming Materials website. Submit the completed form with your samples and mail them to the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory.

Once you receive your results, submit the analysis results to the MDA using the Ag Lime Analysis Submission Form, Ag Lime Analysis Submission Form. The University of Minnesota will not forward analysis results to the MDA.

Analysis Results

An annual ag lime material (ALM) quality analysis report issued once per year. It lists the ALM samples collected and analyzed from all the producers licensed with MDA.