The MDA Ag Lime Program oversees fair trade practices through uniform licensing and labeling to provide consumer awareness and protection.

Ag Lime License

An individual and business wishing to sell, distribute or dispose of ag lime materials must first obtain an ag lime license. The ag lime license is effective for the calendar year. Licenses expire on December 31st of each year, regardless of issue date.

The steps to complete the ag lime license application are slightly different for distributors and producers. Review the Ag lime License Checklist to ensure you’ve completed each step. Once you've reviewed the checklist please complete the Ag Lime License Application Form (fillable PDF).

The MDA requires that each sample of ag lime product be analyzed before the product can be sold or used in Minnesota. Licensed ag lime producers must sample/analyze each ag lime product each year.

Distribution Label Requirements

If you intend to distribute ag lime products in the state of Minnesota there are certain Ag Lime Distribution Label Requirements, see document under Forms + Resources. Listed below is a summary of the label information.

  1. Distributor/Producer ID: Name (distributor or producer), business address, product/stockpile location, telephone number
  2. Date of sale or transfer
  3. Consumer ID:  Name and address of the consumer
  4. Type of ag lime material (ALM):  See ALM types listed below
  5. ALM quality information: Examples: Min. LBS ENP/Ton = _____OR Min. ENT/Ton = lbs
  6. Weight (tons or lbs) or Volume (cubic yards) distributed: If sold by the cubic yard give conversion of weight per cubic yard
  7. Charge for ALM: ONLY FOR BY-PRODUCT ALM PRODUCERS/DISTRIBUTORS who are classified as exempt from license and/or inspection fees by the MDA

Types of Agricultural Liming Materials (ALM)

  • Industrial By-Product: ALM consisting of an industrial process containing calcium or magnesium or both in a form that may neutralize soil acidity.
  • Municipal By-Product: ALM consisting of the by-product of a municipal treatment process containing calcium or magnesium or both in a form that may neutralize soil acidity.
  • Hydrated Lime: ALM made from burnt lime that consists of calcium hydroxide or a combination of calcium hydroxide with either magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, or both.
  • Pelleted: ALM of any type that is manufactured and marketed in a pelleted formulation.
  • Slag: By-product ALM consisting of calcium and magnesium aluminosilocate (Ca and Mg Si03) resulting from the manufacturing of pig-iron.
  • Quarry: ALM resulting from the grinding and/or sieving of rock and other natural occurring rock-like materials sufficient to apply on agricultural land without further processing or alteration.
  • Fluid Grade: ALM that is applied in a suspended state.
  • Wood Ash: By-product ALM resulting from wood burning manufacturing processes.
  • Marl: ALM consisting of granularly or loosely consolidated earthy material composed largely of shell fragments and calcium/magnesium carbonate.

Tonnage Reporting

Licensed ag lime distributors and producers are required to report the type(s) and tons of ag lime distributed for the two time periods of January 1st-June 30th and July 1st to December 31st. A $50 late fee is assessed for late tonnage reports, with first report postmarked after July 31 and second report postmarked after January 31 of the next year.