May 26, 2021

Customers who have stepped-up to “buy local” over the last year can include plants grown right here in Minnesota.

Now is the best time to shop local nurseries and garden centers, and consumers have a convenient way to connect with over 100 of them around the state, through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Minnesota Grown Directory.

Jay Holasek, grower and vice president of Holasek Flower Power Garden Center, notes the benefits of working with local growers.

“Here at Holasek Flower Power garden center, we grow almost all our plants right here in Lester Prairie Minnesota. By growing our plants on-site, we control the quality from start to finish. We have great confidence in the quality of the plants we sell to our customers. This is something that you will not find at the big box chains who are not directly involved in the growing process of the plants they buy in and then re-sell.”

Minnesota nurseries and garden centers experienced an increase in business during the spring of 2020, and they hope to continue the momentum into the 2021 season. Along with enjoying quality garden products, shopping a local nursery is an excellent way to support and get to know the grower behind your favorite plants.

Holasek also remarked on the economic benefit of supporting local growers.

“By shopping local, you not only support small business, but you can feel good knowing that the plants you are buying were grown and cared for by growers right here in Minnesota,” he said. “This helps to continue building a great industry in our beautiful state.”

Consumers can quickly find their local nursery by visiting


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