Structural Pest Control Applicators (SPCAs) are persons who apply pesticides or use any device to control, mitigate, or repel pests that are in, on, or around structures and work for a licensed Structural Pest Control Company. (See company license requirements listed below.) This work is for-hire, which means you charge or invoice customers for services. SPCA may not commercially apply any pesticide UNTIL they have a valid license, either the electronic facsimile from our webpage or the plastic wallets-sized card . A Fumigation Endorsement can be added to a Structural Applicator License by taking an additional exam.  This endorsement allows a licensed applicator to use fumigants in stored grain and structures.

     SPCA License with Category

    Structural (SPCA) License Category Description Can the license include a Fumigation Endorsement?
    Journeyman An applicator is first license as an SPA Journeyman to work for a licensed SPA Company Yes
    Master After two (2) years licensed as a Journeyman working for a licensed SPCA Company, an applicator can apply to become a licensed Master Yes


    How to Apply for a Structural Pest Control Applicator (SPCA) License, Journeyman or Master Categories:


    1. Apply for a license by paying the application fees: MDA strongly encourages new applicators to apply online prior to the testing appointment. Otherwise complete the application form including the name, address (physical and mailing address, if different) and phone number of your employer.  Provide your social security number. Certify that the financial requirements are met. See Identification Number Requirements
    2. Payment or proof of online payment must be presented to the test proctor before taking the certification exams.
    3. Take and pass Core (A) and SPCA Journeyman exams.  Contact a testing location to schedule your exam. 
    4. Study Materials for the exams may be ordered from University of Minnesota Bookstores Extension Publications online or call 612-301-3989. 

    Structural Pest Control Company License

    To obtain a Structural Pest Control Applicator license, applicators must be employed by a licensed Structural Pest Control Company. To be licensed as a company you must:


    Structural Pest Control Renewal Requirements

    In addition to the information for general renewal and recertification:

    If an applicator fails to renew by March 31st, he or she must apply as a new applicant and schedule and pass required exams.

    • SPCA renewal application forms are mailed to the employer in November. The license fee is due at the time of renewal. Licenses can be renewed online, by mail or in person at the MDA. Applicators must meet recertification requirements every year before renewal.
    • If a license is not renewed by the expiration date of December 31st, the late fee is 50% of the license fee.
    • If an applicator fails to renew a structural pest control license within three months of its expiration and wants to become licensed, the applicator must meet the requirements. Follow the procedures as required for an initial license including taking the CORE (Category A) and SPCA Journeyman or Master exams.