Important Dates Requirement for Payment Payment Amount

January - March 15

(registration may close early if funding limit is met)

Complete initial sign up to verify interest, NMI Registration 
(Registration opens the second Tuesday in January)

Basic contact info and trial information are filled out and tracked for payment and correspondence

New participants or those with a change in personal information*: You will be required to register as a State Vendor (Supplier) to receive payment (Vendor Registration). As part of this process you will be asked to complete a W-9 formYou can fill out the form by following the Supplier registration process or the MDA can send you a hard copy. 

*If any of your personal information has changed (name, address, banking, etc.) you may also have to update your W9 and Vendor Registration.


As soon as participants register

W9 tax form must be completed and returned to the MDA in order to develop the official contract

Contract will be developed by the MDA and sent out to each farmer and crop adviser participating (this is a document that requires your signature)

The MDA uses the secure DocuSign system for electronic signatures (directions provided). Electronic signatures are needed as soon as possible and before beginning any field trial work


The MDA representative will contact you and arrange a time to bring the contract directly to you.


April 1 - May 1

Once contracts are signed and returned, the MDA will send out a copy along with the Crop Management Information Form to participants with a reminder about due dates.


June 30

  • Field trials are installed
  • Location map of trial area is submitted (as soon as trial set up is complete)
  • Crop Management Form must be submitted to the MDA (required for payment)

$650 farmer payment
$300 crop adviser payment

For advanced rate trial:
$750 farmer payment
$350 crop adviser payment

September 1

The MDA will send out forms to participants or contact you directly with a reminder about due dates. 

  • Harvest Information Form (submit after harvest)

December 31

  • Field trials are harvested
  • Harvest Information Form is submitted

$650 farmer payment
$300 crop adviser payment

For advanced rate trial:
$750 farmer payment
$350 crop adviser payment


Field specific summaries are sent out to all participants