Each registrant under section (Minn. Stat. 18C.411) and each company licensed under section (Minn. Stat.Chapter 18C.415) must file an annual tonnage report for the previous year ending June 30 with the MDA on forms provided or approved by the MDA. 

Reporting forms are mailed out to each fertilizer licensee during the month of May. This mandatory report must be filed by July 31st of each year even if your firm has zero sales to report and/or no fees are required.

If a licensee distributes fertilizer solely by custom application, they are not required to submit a tonnage report and the inspection fee is not required.

How to complete the tonnage report

  • If you have questions please contact Carol Durden before you proceed (Carol.Durden@state.mn.us or 651-201-6379).
  • Please verify that your license number, company name and address(s) are correct. Make any updates/corrections directly to the form.

Page 2

  • FERTILIZER BRAND PRODUCT NAME column: Enter each specialty fertilizer distributed in Minnesota by brand name.
  • GRADE column: Enter the percentage analysis for the Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potash (N,P,K) guarantees. If the product is a secondary or micronutrient product with no N, P, K, leave the Grade column blank.
  • TONS DIST column: Enter the number of tons of each specialty fertilizer product distributed in Minnesota. Total the tons, enter the data at the bottom of page 2 and on INSPECTION FEE line 1 on page 1.

Page 1

  • INSPECTION FEE (line 1): Multiply the total tons by the inspection fee listed and enter the dollar amount on line 1a. A minimum of $10 is due on all tonnage reports.  
  • LATE FILING/PENALTY FEE (line 2): If the report is filed after the deadline (postmarked after July 31st) a late filing fee is required. To calculate the late filing fee, multiply the dollar amount from line 1a by 10% (0.10). Enter this amount on line 2a with a minimum of $50 whichever is greater.
  • AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL RESPONSE AND REIMBURSEMENT (ACRRA) SURCHARGE (line 3): Enter the total tons from the INSPECTION FEE (line 1) on the ACRRA line 3. Multiple the total tons by the ACRRA surcharge listed and enter the dollar amount on line 3a.
  • Add the dollar amounts from lines 1a, 2a, and 3a and enter this amount on the “Total Fees Due” line.

Once the report is completed, certify it by completing the signature block information located on the bottom of page 1. Save a copy of the report for your records and mail the report, along with the fees due (shown on the “Total Fees Due” line), to Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 625 Robert Street N, St. Paul, MN 55155.