What about low-flying aircraft?

Aircraft including fixed-wing planes and helicopters most often apply pesticides in agricultural areas to cropland or other sites of application. They are allowed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) regulations to fly at low levels. They may deem it necessary to make turns over residences in rural areas and lake country in order to navigate the aircraft to a target area, align their next swath, or to complete the application in a timely manner. The pilot determines the direction of the flight which is generally the same as the direction of the rows of the crop that is being treated. In agriculture areas, cropland is the target; however, in Minnesota’s lake country, infested trees are the target which may be located amongst lake homes. Move or stay indoors once you notice aircraft nearby to avoid exposure to the spray. In most instances, the pilot cannot see you. They are working around obstacles, such as utility lines that pose inherent danger, in effort to operate the aircraft safely.

If you have questions please visit Federal Aviation Administration or call 866-835-5322 (866-TELL-FAA).