What should I do about damage from pesticides along my property line?

Property line disputes have often been the root of long-standing complaints about pesticide use. In these instances, disputed ownership of the same property is claimed by two or more people. If and/or when the property receives a pesticide application, the MDA will not become involved in such disputes unless a legal survey of the property proves the actual owner. This could be in the form of a formal (legal) document or by the use of markers or stakes that are placed by a licensed surveyor.

How long does it take for the MDA to investigate and take enforcement action or close an investigation?

You may report a complaint to the MDA by calling the complaint or misuse telephone line at 651-201-6333 or by completing the Pesticide and Fertilizer Misuse Complaint Form. The MDA prioritizes investigations that involve human exposure and animal exposure, but we do our best to promptly respond to all reports. Investigations are usually completed within 2-3 weeks of first receiving a complaint; however, review of completed investigations for violations may require up to six months depending upon both the number of complaints received and the complexity of those complaints. Laboratory results are provided to complainants within 30 days of the date the sample analysis has been completed by the MDA laboratory. Complainants are notified when investigations are completed and files have been closed. Feel free to call the MDA if 90 days has elapsed since you made your complaint and you have not heard anything. We can provide you with a status update.