Minnesota Statutes authorize the MDA to regulate the licensing, labeling, sales and distribution of fertilizer and soil amendments. Our Fertilizer Licensing program promotes fair trade and responsible business practices to ensure uniform labeling and licensing standards; consumer awareness and protection.

Fertilizer Licensing Regulations

A fertilizer license is required for the following activities:

  1. A person may not sell (Minn. Stat. 18C.005) or distribute bulk fertilizers for use on agricultural lands or manufacture, blend, or otherwise manipulate fertilizers without obtaining a fertilizer license from MDA. A license is needed for each business location within and outside of Minnesota. (Minn. Stat. 18C.415)
  2. Any person who custom applies fertilizer (for hire) - whether it is custom, blended, bagged, bulk or liquid fertilizer - must obtain a fertilizer license from MDA. This requirement pertains to fertilizer applications to lawns, plants, trees, shrubs and interior landscapes.
  3. A distributor may not transport, mix or manipulate fertilizer without a fertilizer license for each mobile unit. (Minn. Stat. 18C.415) This includes but is not limited to mobile units used to convert 10-34-0 or other grades of liquid or dry fertilizer.

License Application & Fees

  • To obtain a fertilizer license you must complete the application form and submit the required fees.
  • The annual application fee is $100 for each business location within and outside of the state.
  • In addition, a surcharge of $50 for the Agricultural Chemical Response & Reimbursement Account (ACRRA) is due with each application. (Minn. Stat. 18E.03).
  • Application fees are nonrefundable (Minn. Stat. 18C.425)

License Period & Renewal

  • Each license is valid January 1 to December 31 and must be renewed each year.
  • Renewal applications are mailed to applicants each November. You must mail in your renewal before January 1. A $50 penalty will be added to license renewals postmarked after December 31 (Minn. Stat. 18C.425).
  •  Licenses are not transferable to other locations or persons (Minn. Stat. 18C.415). 

Each business must post its fertilizer license in a conspicuous place (Minn. Stat. 18C.415)