wild mushrooms

To sell wild mushrooms to food establishments in Minnesota, the Minnesota Food Code requires an approved (safe) source of wild mushrooms. A mushroom identification expert is someone who is qualified to forage and sell wild mushrooms to food establishments. Mushroom identification experts must:

  • Complete a mushroom identification course at an accredited college, university, or mycological society. The identification course must cover the species of the mushroom the individual intends to forage and sell.
    • Currently mushroom identification courses are only being offered in Minnesota by the Minnesota Mycological Society, please visit their website to see upcoming trainings and events.
  • Obtain a letter from an accredited college, university, or mycological society certifying successful completion of a wild mushroom identification course.
  • The letter must be on file with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). A copy of the letter can be emailed to ProduceSafety.MDA@state.mn.us.

If you plan on selling mushrooms that you forage, please contact the licensing liaison, they will be able to determine if a license will be required call 651-201-6081 or email MDA.FoodLicensingLiaison@state.mn.us.  

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