The data on this form will be used to process your application for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Wild Mushroom Harvester registration. It is illegal for unregistered wild mushroom harvesters to sell foraged mushrooms to food establishments in Minnesota. During the period your application is being processed, all information provided except your name and address will be private data accessible only to you, MDA staff with a valid work assignment, law enforcement, the state and legislative auditors, and to anyone who has your consent or is named in a valid court order. If your application is approved, the information provided on this application will be available to anyone who asks for it and will be displayed on our online wild mushroom forager database.

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Which species are you registering for? Please select all that apply:

Include a copy of the document(s) issued by an accredited college or university or a mycological society certifying that the mushroom harvester has successfully completed a wild mushroom identification course. This document must specify the species of wild mushrooms the harvester is qualified to identify per MN Food Code 4626.0156

If you plan on selling mushrooms that you forage, please contact the licensing liaison to determine if a license will be required. Call 651-201-6081 or email

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