Here are some common questions about the AGRI Crop Research Grant. If you have additional questions, please contact Michael Greene or the MDA Grant Line at 651-201-6500. We will post all questions and answers below.

Are proposals that focus on corn and soybeans eligible under the grant? What if another crop can be included as an additional crop?

Proposals with focus on corn and/or soybean are eligible. Preference will be given to research on crops with limited access to other research funds. Reviewers can provide award up to 5 of the 100 points toward this evaluation criteria. As corn and soybean are well funded, projects focused solely on these crops are unlikely to receive these specific points.

A match is not required but other sources of funds for research is preferred. What are some suggestions for these funds?

Growers associations as well as research and promotion councils often provide matching funds. Private companies may also have an interest in providing matching funds.

Would research to develop or study a new use for the grain be eligible?

Potentially yes, we haven’t had any applications exploring new end uses as of yet. As long as it meets the goals of the grant, it would be eligible.

Does a researcher need to be involved?

As applied research is the goal of this grant, proposals lacking researchers with relevant training and experience are unlikely to be funded.

Is the Crop Research Grant competitively awarded?

Yes. Proposals are reviewed by a panel of experts. Reviewers will use the scoring criteria provided in the Request for Proposals to decide which proposals should be funded.

Can the Minnesota Department of Agriculture offer assistance or just direction relating to the grant?

Since it is a competitively awarded grant, we can only provide direction.

Do you know of any grant writers that are familiar with the grant?

No, most principal investigators have written their own applications to the grant.

Are there limits to the number of applications from a company or would multiple applications be acceptable?

There is no limit to the number of applications any organization can submit, but the review committee reserves the right to distribute the funds across several crops. Each project is only allowed to receive one grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Will the results of all funded projects need to be made public?

Once a project is funded the application becomes public. The applicant needs to identify trade secrets in their application in order to be prevent information from becoming public. Results must be publicly disseminated.

Can I invite one or two researchers from other states as collaborators or do we have to have all researchers in the project from Minnesota?

You can have collaborators from other states. Collaborators should provide skills or equipment not available locally. The principal investigator must be from Minnesota, and the research must benefit all or part of the Minnesotan agriculture sector.

When would the funds would become available for funded Crops Research Grants?

Early February.