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Sites contaminated by hazardous waste can be addressed through the Superfund program. Hazardous wastes may be leaked, spilled, dumped, or otherwise released onto the ground when a business stores, uses, produces, transports, or disposes of these wastes. Superfund sites addressed in the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) Superfund Program include former wood treatment, pesticide manufacturing and pesticide storage facilities.

Cleaning up hazardous waste Superfund sites is a multi-phase and complex process. If there is no responsible party willing to do the work or if there is no viable responsible party, the MDA can conduct the cleanup with Minnesota Superfund monies.

The Superfund law also allows the MDA to force the parties responsible for the contamination as well as landowners who allowed the contamination to occur to either perform the cleanup or reimburse the government for the MDA-led cleanup work.

Contaminated sites are ranked for possible environmental and human health risks. These sites are included on the Minnesota Permanent List of Priorities.

MDA State Superfund Cleanup Site Summaries

Groundwater Contamination Mapping Project

The MDA collects groundwater data from remediation projects, but this information is typically stored in paper and electronic files that are not easily accessible. In collaboration with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Groundwater Contamination Atlas seeks to move this data into standardized data management system that can be accessed through a web-based, interactive map.

Request Specific Information about a Site

For information about a specific site, contact the Data Management Unit at 651-201-6698 with the MDA Project File Number, and the name and location of the site.

Other Cleanup Programs