The Minnesota Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast Map are developed with JavaScript and compatible with the following desktop and mobile browsers: Chrome, Chrome on Android, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+, iOS Safari and Safari 3+.

Troubleshooting issues:

The Find Location button on the map uses HTML Geolocation to find your approximate location. When run on mobile devices, by default it uses GPS on the device to locate the place. When run on desktops, it uses network signals to estimate the location. This method is usually less accurate than for GPS-enabled devices. Users might get an error message after clicking the 'Find my location' button. It is often caused by the browser's security. Check the browser's setting for pop-ups asking if you want to share your location. Click Yes to find your location.

The Bookmarks button on the map uses your browser's cookies to store your map view. If the Bookmarks tool is not working for you, please check your browser's settings to ensure that cookies are allowed to be set.

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