The RRAF map is based on a National Weather Service model used for flood forecasting. This model takes into account soil moisture content, forecast precipitation and temperatures, snow accumulation and melt to predict the likelihood of daily, next day, and 72 hour runoff events.

  • Map functions: Learn how to navigate the map, the different mapping layers and features.
  • How to use the forecast: Learn how to interpret the single day and the 72-hour risk forecast. Risk is grouped into four categories.
  • Map information: JavaScript is used to develop the Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast map and it is compatible with many mobile browsers. View the list of browsers and how to troubleshoot issues.
  • View the map: See the runoff risk advisory in your area.
  • Cell phone tips: Information on how to view the Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast map on your cell phone.
  • Image Archive: Daily risk images starting from January 15, 2018 to the present.

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