The forecast map divides the state into 2 sq. km (494 acres) grids. The overview map shows the runoff chances for the next 24 hours. Each grid has a three-day runoff risk and a five day forecast, including daily runoff risk and weather forecast, including precipitation, air temperature, two and six inch soil temperature, and snow depth. The forecasts are updated once daily, around 8:00 a.m. Central time. The soil conditions shown are forecasts for values at noon of that day. The precipitation is the daily midnight to midnight forecast totals. To see exactly when the map has last updated, look in the upper right hand corner for the “Last Updated” time stamp. This data can also be viewed in the pop up table.

To view the risk and weather forecast in a table format, open the Runoff Risk tab, zoom in to your area and click on one of the grid squares to open a popup window once the operational layer becomes active.  You can also do this on three of the other main tabs (Precipitation, Soil Temperature 2” and Soil Temperature 6”).

Button Function
Search The search button will move the map to any address, partial address, place name, township name followed by MN, county name followed by MN, or geographic coordinates (decimal degrees) you search. When using coordinates, longitude MUST be entered first, then latitude.
Home Click the Home button to zoom the map back out to the initial extent.
Find Click the Find button to have the map automatically zoom to your approximate location. If you get an error message, check the browser's setting for pop-ups asking if you want to share your location.
Layers Click on the Layers button to see the variety of layers you can click on or off when viewing the map. Multiple layers can be active at one time.  Be sure you know which layers you have on or off.
Basemap Click the Basemap button to change the map background from the default Topographic to a Satellite (aerial) view, a Streets map view, or other backgrounds.
Bookmark The Bookmark button allows you to create and save the current map view. This can help you find the same location each time you view the map. After finding your area of interest, click the Bookmark button, click ‘Add’, and type in a name for the location. The next time you open the map, you can simply click the saved Bookmark again and the map will zoom to that area.