You are the first line of defense. Be aware and report suspected Palmer amaranth. 

Anyone who thinks they have discovered Palmer amaranth should:

  • Take clear photos of the plant(s) showing the leaves, stems and flowers/seedheads.
  • Record the location, mark the plant with a flag or flagging tape.
  • Report it through The Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Report A Pest website, or call 1-888-545-6684 to leave a voicemail. 
  • Upload pictures taken of the plant(s), provide the location (latitude/longitude) and, other requested information. 

If you are asked to provide a sample for genetic testing, follow these steps

Contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's seed regulatory program by email or call 651-201-6309 and save any remaining seed or screenings.

Contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's feed regulatory program at 651-201-6064 or and save any remaining feed.

Heat is the enemy of weed seed survival, so heating the contaminated feed or manure (ideally, to 140F) will kill some of the Palmer amaranth seed. To do this, you might ensile the feed (if appropriate for the feed type) and compost the manure. Keep in mind that even the best heat treatments will leave some remaining viable seeds. Therefore, spread contaminated manure only on fields that you can easily scout multiple times to check for Palmer amaranth. You can find more information and contact on the University of Minnesota's website.