What can farmers and landowners do to prevent Palmer amaranth from establishing?

Farmers, crop consultants and landowners are the first line of defense. Scout for and report suspected Palmer amaranth. Clean equipment that was used elsewhere. Limit infestation spread. These actions are the primary reason that Palmer amaranth has been managed successfully to date.


How to stay up to date on Palmer amaranth’s status in Minnesota?

New technologies to prevent Palmer amaranth

Weed seed prevention is a hot topic with researchers and inventors exploring new methods and technologies.

  • Weed seed devitalization – tools that change Palmer amaranth seeds so they cannot germinate.
  • Flame weeders – torches that allow a person or machine to direct high intensity flame onto specific plants.
  • Electric weeder – weeders that utilize electrical current that is directed through specific plants.
  • Robots – machines designed to replace human labor for weeding. Usually, these machines are a delivery mechanism for flame, electric and seed devitalization tools. Newer robot technology also utilizes artificial intelligence to detect specific weeds to be targeted.

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