The MDA administers a Soil & Plant Amendment Program. The objective of the program is to promote fair trade practices among businesses that offer these products and protect consumers through product content reviews. The Program also ensures accurate and meaningful product labeling is provided to the consumers.

A person may not sell soil/plant amendments in Minnesota unless they are registered. Registration of a soil/plant amendment is not a warranty by the state. (Minn. Stat. 18C.411)

The application for registration must include:

Application Fee

  • The annual application fee for registration of each soil/plant amendment product distributed is $200.
  • Application fees are nonrefundable. Therefore, we recommend that copies of labels or proposed labels be submitted to us for review and comment prior to submission of a registration application. This may prevent the loss of fees in case a product registration is denied

Registration Period

  • The registration period is effective until January 1 following the date of issuance or approval.
  • A product registration is not transferable from one person to another, or from the ownership to whom the registration is issued to another ownership.


  • The application for renewal of a registration of a product must be filed with us on or before December 31 the previous year or an additional application (penalty) fee of one-half of the application fee ($100) is due.

Registration Discontinuation

Soil/plant amendments are given two years to clear the channel of trade. Use one of the following two options to discontinue the registration of soil/plant amendments,:

  • Complete the two-year discontinuation process by registering a soil/plant amendment for two years after distribution or sale has ceased.
  • Provide documentation showing that no soil/plant amendment product has been distributed or sold into or within the state for the last two years.

Products Requiring Registration

The State of Minnesota defines soil and plant amendments as follows:

Soil Amendment: a substance intended to improve the structural, physical, or biological characteristics of the soil or modify organic matter at or near the soil surface, except fertilizers, agricultural liming materials, pesticides, and other materials exempted by the commissioner's rules.


Plant Amendment: a substance applied to plants or seeds that is intended to improve germination, growth, yield, product quality, reproduction, flavor, or other desirable characteristics of plants except fertilizers, soil amendments, agricultural liming materials, pesticides, and other materials that are exempted by rule.


Examples of products that typically require registration as soil/plant amendments include, but are not limited to:

Product Examples
Microbial inoculants
Humic and fulvic acids
Garden soil
Surfactants/wetting agents
Clay, vermiculite
Plant extracts

*If product is intended to be mixed into soil

If you are unsure if a product requires registration, please contact the MDA for guidance.