A person who registers a pesticide with the State of Minnesota must keep accurate records for five years detailing all distribution or sales transactions into the state or within the state and is subject to a fee and surcharge (State Statute).

A registrant must annually report to the commissioner the amount, type, and annual gross sales of each registered non-agricultural pesticide sold, offered for sale, or otherwise distributed in the state. If the registrant's annual gross sales of the non-agricultural pesticide exceeded $70,000 in the previous calendar year, the registrant will pay sales fees in addition to annual renewal fee. 

Non-agricultural pesticides

Gross sales reporting forms will be mailed to registrants in early January and must be returned to the MDA postmarked no later than March 1. If the registrant's annual gross sales of the non-agricultural pesticide exceeded $70,000 in the previous calendar year, the registrant is required to pay (in addition to the $350 registration fee) a fee equal to 0.5 percent of that portion of the annual gross sales over $70,000. Sales fees for non-agricultural pesticides are paid by the registrant and must be filed, along with the sales reporting form, by March 1 for the previous calendar year’s sales.

Agricultural pesticides

Sales fees for agricultural pesticides are paid by the licensed pesticide dealer selling within or into the state to an end-user. Pesticide dealers report and pay fees using a separate online sales reporting application. For an agricultural pesticide, the agricultural pesticide dealer will pay a fee of 0.55 percent of annual gross sales.

A registrant selling agricultural pesticides within or into the state directly to a pesticide end-user must first obtain an agricultural pesticide dealer license and pay the MDA fees on end-user sales.

For more information on pesticide dealer licenses and agricultural product sales reporting and fees please see the Pesticide Dealer Licensing & Sales Reporting page.

Agricultural Chemical Response and Reimbursement Account (ACRRA) fees

The funds in the ACRRA account are used to clean up spills of agricultural chemicals. Currently, the ACRRA fee is 0.32 percent of pesticide sales and is an additional fee paid by both registrants and dealers when reporting annual sales. For more information, see the MDA ACRRA Reports page, or state statute.

Pesticide use reports

 Published reports related to pesticide use in Minnesota are available from the MDA. Each source has a particular reason for collecting information and a set of assumptions underlying its collection and reporting methods.