In October, registrants with products needing renewal will receive their renewal application and supplemental information forms from the MDA via mail. All pesticide renewal applications must be paid for ($400 for each agricultural pesticide and $475 for each non-agricultural pesticide), accurately completed, and post marked by December 31 in order to avoid a late fee. Forms postmarked January 1 or later will be subject to an additional fee of $175 for each product up for renewal.

Application Directions

  1. Revising application information: If there is any incorrect information on the enclosed Renewal Application, cross it out and write in the correct information (e.g. change of address, new Contact/Agent person, new phone number or company name change). If you are requesting a company name change, provide documentation indicating the state(s) wherein the new company is registered as a legal entity.
  2. Kelly registration: If you are submitting renewal(s) via Kelly Registration Systems and you have a change of address, telephone number, company name change, etc. for either the Registrant or the Contact/Agent person please send this information via email to
  3. New product registration: A new product registration must be completed and mailed separately from the renewal process. If you are registering a new pesticide product, you will need to fill out the “Application to Register a New Pesticide Product”. Fill out the form and mail it along with the appropriate fee, separate from the renewal application.
  4. How to mark products as discontinued or canceled on the renewal form: There is a small column labeled “S” for “Status”. For products going into the first year of discontinuation, write a 1 in this column next to the product brand name. For products going into the second year of discontinuation write a 2 over the 1 that is already in this column. Products that are already marked with a 2 in this column have completed the required two years of discontinuation. They can be cancelled at this point (cross out the “2” and write “C” over it and cross out/draw a line through the product brand name). Do not include these in the total count of products being renewed. If a product that has gone through the discontinuation procedure is found in the channels of trade at a later date, you will be given the opportunity to take the product back without being charged a penalty fee.
  5. Due date: Your completed Renewal Application must be postmarked by December 31 or a late fee of $175 per product will be assessed.
  6. Reminders:
    • Do not submit duplicate copies of the Renewal Application or duplicate payments, whether directly or via Kelly Registration Systems.
    • All renewal checks must identify the company name and identifying Minnesota license number. Checks without this information will be mailed back to the company which will result in product renewal delay.
  7. Minnesota Pesticide Label and SDS Submission Checklists: Submit checklists when submitting new or revised labels and SDS forms. New Product Checklist (PDF) or Revised Label Checklist (PDF).
    • Checklists can be submitted using ONE of the following means:
      1. Mail printed copy to Paula Rose at 625 Robert St. N, St. Paul, MN, 55155-2538 along with the PDF searchable labels on CD if the labels were originally sent via CD.
      2. Mail printed copy to Paula Rose at 625 Robert Street N, St. Paul, MN, 55155-2538 if you submit the labels via ALSTAR. When submitting labels via ALSTAR, make sure to specify “ALSTAR” and the date submitted to ALSTAR in the corresponding table column.