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A newly constructed dry bulk fertilizer facility with load out tower and image of dry bulk fertilizer bins.

Dry Bulk (commercial) Fertilizer is defined as “either mixed fertilizer or fertilizer materials distributed in a non-fluid non-packaged form”.

“Impregnated fertilizer” means a fertilizer coated with a pesticide to prevent weed growth while providing nutrients to the soil that promotes plant growth. Impregnated fertilizer is a registered pesticide and must meet all pesticide requirements.

  1. A Dry Bulk Fertilizer Storage Permit is required for any facility or person that stores any quantity of dry bulk fertilizer. 
  2. A farmer/grower who stores dry bulk fertilizer, of any quantity for any timeframe, is also required to have a permit from the Minnesota Department Agriculture (MDA).
  3. A permit from the MDA must be issued before construction or storage can occur.
  4. Dry fertilizer storage bin areas must be constructed in a manner that will keep the fertilizer dry and properly safeguarded from leaving the facility and getting into the environment.
  5. Well setback requirements do apply when locating where the dry bulk fertilizer storage will be constructed.
  6. All loading and handling must be adequately safeguarded from dry fertilizer getting into the environment.
  7. Impregnation using mini-bulk pesticide containers must be done on an impervious pad with the mini-bulk pesticide containers properly contained per the pesticide storage rules.
  8. Load pads are strongly recommended for all dry fertilizer loading to allow for easy clean-up for any spills.
  9. All small spills that come in contact with the ground during handling or loading operations must be immediately cleaned up and attended to.
  10. An identification sign with the owner’s, operators, or agent’s name, and telephone number must be posted in a place where it can easily be seen.
  11. An MDA incident emergency notification sign must also be posted in a highly visible location within the facility.