Pesticide Application Record Samples

Pesticide Applicator Record Samples

Warning Signs for Applying Pesticide to Turf (PDF)

MDA Website Links

  • MDA Update - Annual publication with news about EPA world
  • Spills and Safety - Contacts for Spills and resources for safety
  • Pesticide application in Schools - Connect to a distribution list for applicators working around school property

Sponsorship of Workshops or Proctoring Exams

  • Sponsorship of Recertification Workshops, How to Obtain Approval for Workshops- this document is under review, for interest in hosting a workshop, please contact the licensing unit directly at 6561-201-6615
  • Pesticide Applicator Exams - For proctoring guidelines, or interest in becoming a new county proctor, please contact the licensing unit directly at 651-201-6615

Laws and Rules

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