The following downloadable templates are standards to use for all pesticide applications. The Statute (MN 18.B.37) that describes the information required on a pesticide record of application may not be as complete as these templates, due to Commissioner discretion. Applicators may use these downloads as their record, or create their own with the same information captured.

Category C - Field Crop Pest Management (PDF)

Category E - Turf & Ornamentals - Indoor Application, Greenhouses & Indoor Plantscapes (PDF)

Category E - Turf & Ornamental - Outdoor Application (PDF)

Category F - Aquatic (PDF)

Category H - Seed Treatment (PDF)

Category I - Anti-Microbial (PDF)

Category J - Natural Areas, Forestry, Rights-of-Way (PDF)

Category K - Agricultural Pest Control - Animal (PDF)

Category L - Mosquito, Black Fly, Tick Pest Control (PDF)

Category M - Food Processing, Noncommercial (PDF)

Category N - Stored Grain and Fumigation, Excluding Fumigation (PDF)

Category N - Fumigation Application Only, Stored Grain, Structural Pest Control Applicator with Fumigator (PDF)

Category O - Soil Fumigation (PDF)

Category P - Vertebrate Pest Control (PDF)

Category Q - Wood Preservative, Field Treatments (PDF)

Category Q - Wood Preservative, Treatment Plants (PDF)

Category R - Sewer Root Control (PDF)

Category S - Noncommercial Structural (PDF)

SPCA - Structural Pest Control Applicator, Excluding Fumigation (PDF)

SPCA - Structural Pest Control Applicator, Including Fumigation (PDF)

Multiple Categories - Fumigation FAQ

Multiple Categories - Warning Signs for Applying Pesticide to Turf (PDF)

Multiple Categories - Pesticide Application Notification Requirements