Cities in Minnesota may enact ordinances requiring Minnesota Department of Agriculture licensed commercial and noncommercial applicators to post a warning sign on the turf areas treated with pesticides (including herbicides). The city is responsible to enforce such an ordinance. The Minnesota Pesticide Control law states the following as requirements for the signs.

The law states warning signs must:

  1. Project at least 18 inches above the top of the grass line:
  2. Must be made of a material that is rain-resistant for at least a 48-hour period; and
  3. Must remain in place up to 48 hours from the time of initial application.
  4. The law further states that information must be printed on the warning sign in contrasting colors and in capitalized letters at least 1/2 inch. The following information must also be printed on the signs:
    •  name of the business organization or person applying the pesticide,
    •  "this are chemically treated. Keep children and pets off until __________ (date of safe entry)", or a universally accepted symbol and text approved by the Commissioner that is recognized as having the same meaning or intent as specified in this paragraph. The warning sign may include the name of the pesticide used.
  5. The warning sign must be posted on a lawn or yard between 2 feet and 5 feet from the sidewalk or street. For parks, golf course, athletic fields, playgrounds or other similar recreational property where pesticides have been applied and are or near the entrances to the property.

Universal keep off the grass symbol on a lawn sign.